ICFF 2017

Antolini presents its latest masterpiece in collaboration with Alessandro La Spada at ICFF. The display harmoniously features some of Antolini's most beautiful and exclusive natural stones to create a setting that pays homage to Mother Nature's perfect designs.

Salone del Mobile 2017

Antolini presents a sophisticated atmosphere during Milan Design Week. Designed by Alessandro La Spada, a shimmery touch to the overall surface of the booth displays the illustriousness of natural stone in combination with light. The interplay of layers creates mysterious effects by adding depth to the space and using natural stone to frame each object with a glamorous touch.

Coverings 2017

From April 4th to 7th, Antolini exhibited its latest and most elaborate Haute Nature exhibition at Coverings 2017. Visitors are surrounded by marvelous natural stones, Mother Nature’s purity in its most perfect form. The booth features a room dedicated to Antolini's latest revolutionary innovation: Azerocare. In the room, a demonstration of the Azerocare's bulletproof protection is performed for customers accompanied by Antolini employees.

Maison & Objet 2017

The new installation designed by Alessandro La Spada for Antolini at Maison et Objet 2017 is all about design variations showcasing different textures and refined details for a stylish setting. The expressive beauty of the natural stone is expanded throughout the space by creating a set of fascinating screens which divide the different areas with a contemporary touch.

IMM 2017

During IMM 2017, visitors live an immersive experience in the sensational atmosphere of the earth's core. This glamorous installation by Alessandro La Spada uses "Explosion Blue" to demonstrate the strong aesthetic power of the natural stone and a fascinating mélange effect to emphasize its expressiveness.

BAU 2017

Antolini displays a sophisticated installation that reveals the eclectic beauty of the natural stone, featuring a minimalist space designed by Alessandro La Spada at the BAU Fair in Munich. The setting emphasizes sculptural light effects using Taj Mahal stones in different finishings and the interplay of soft nuances to create an all-encompassing atmosphere full of magic.

KBIS 2017

Haute Nature is Antolini's tribute to a designer who has provided the world with the most fashionable creations: Mother Nature. Collaborating with Italian designer Alessandro La Spada, Antolini presents its marvelous natural stones in multiple finishings and shapes to bring a sense of wonder and royal allure at KBIS.

Maison & Objet 2016

At Maison & Objet Paris Antolini presented a spectacular stand, designed by Alessandro la Spada. It was a spectacular accumulation of original frames, secret angles, illusionistic perspectives. La Spada brought the versatile elegance of natural stone to life in a wellness setting.

IMM 2016

Alessandro La Spada created an unprecedented stage where elegance was the protagonist. A metaphysical place of essential simplicity where the natural stone, through its materiality, emphasises the potential of the colour and the various textures.


During Marmomacc 2016, visitors will have a chance into the unknown. Experience the magnificence of Mother Nature's grand designs and the ingenious work of Alessandro la Spada in an entirely new way. With the Oculus Rift, you will step in an alternative reality, inside two rooms, called IMMERSIVE LIFESTYLE, created by Claudio Sverstrin.

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