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Continuing to grow

Antolini quality stems from innovative technology and effective solutions that look to the future of natural stone manufacturing, for all varieties of stone including (but not only) marble, granite, onyx and travertine. Strengthened by years of experience, the company can look confidently and professionally to the international market.

Antolini Luigi & C. is part of a programme that supports new technological development and promotes research activity within businesses. The company uses the very latest, state-of-the-art machinery, which increases the quality of production and reduces the costs involved in manufacturing and transporting natural stone. To create one-off, sought-after solutions, the group handles each project with patented systems, including:

ACE® (Antolini Clean Edge) - Used for squaring blocks

The diamond wire-cutting system means that blocks of marble and granite can be squared up before being sawed. The new multi-wire frames also mean that as many as 60 slabs can be worked on at a time, speeding up production times and facilitating big projects. This step is crucial if you want to achieve a clean cut and perfectly straight slabs.

ARF® (Antolini Riven Finish) and AHF® (Antolini Hydro Finish) - Used for creating different surface finishes

"Riven" flaming and hydro jetting are the most innovative processing techniques that the company has developed. AHF® is particularly good for brightening up colours and cleaning the surfaces of slabs.

The Antolini team also does traditional sanding, polishing, brush hammering, sandblasting and flaming.

ALR® (Antolini Level & Reverso) - Used for calibrating, polishing and sanding slabs

The ALR® system means slabs can be calibrated on both surfaces in order to achieve optimum results during laying. With two different finish techniques for each slab (polishing and smoothing), the company solves storage problems too.

AVP® (Antolini Vacuum Process) - For more delicate stones

With a revolutionary process that creates a "vacuum" effect and covers surface imperfections without causing damage, AVP® enables you to work on even the most fragile stones. This treatment improves colour and perfects the polish of each slab.

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